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natasha kinaru



I am currently accepting commissions for oil paintings.

Commissioning a painting:


Please fill in this form for a quote:

Thanks for submitting!


I will respond to you as soon as I can and we discuss the painting further.


Once we're both happy with the reference photograph,size, turnaround time, fee, and shipping, I will need a deposit of 50% before I can start executing the commission.


On receipt of deposit, I will start painting.


I will keep you updated with some process photos as I go.


Once I finish, you will see the finished photo.


Once you're happy with it, I will leave it to dry (this usually takes around 1 month) then the painting will be varnished (another 2-3 weeks to dry). 


The painting will then be ready for shipping.


 I want a painting from you but I'm not sure what I want exactly.

Don't hesitate to contact me with your thoughts and ideas. We can always chat and discuss options and details and come up with a decision together.

 I'm not sure which photo to choose  - can you help?

Absolutely. Just send me a few of your favourite pictures and I'll help you choose the most suitable one for oil painting. Look for photos of good quality.Well lit, not too much shadows, large resolution. 

᛫ Do you paint still lifes/flowers/landscapes/animals as well as portraits?

Yes. You absolutely can commission paintings other that portraits.

᛫ How long does a painting take?

It depends on the load of commissions I have at the moment. Usually around 2 to 3 months.
If you need it sooner than that, it is possible but it will cost an extra fee. Fill in the form or email me for a quote.

᛫ I live in another country,can I still commission a painting?

Yes. I ship worldwide.

᛫ What are the payment terms for commissioning a portrait?

50% payment once the commission is agreed upon. The rest you pay after the painting is completed.

᛫ What are the payment methods?

Bank transfer or Paypal or other.


᛫ What paints and surfaces do you use for painting?

I use the finest Professional Artists Oil Paints and finest grain canvas.

 Do you accept drawing commissions?

At the moment I don't,I'm occupied with oils now.



For any other questions or inquires fill in the form above or email me on

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