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"A man investigates the mysterious death of a woman, whose body he saw in a vision, whilst on the run from the police as the main suspect."


Jack experiences a vision of a dead woman. He doesn't know who she is, or whether she is dead or dying. He sees her lying behind garbage bins in an alleyway.

Panicking, he dials 999 and tells them what he saw.

The police call handler immediately becomes suspicious and asks for his whereabouts and details.

He hangs up the phone as he remembers the street name.

It's not far from where he is. He heads there.

After a while, he finds the street, then the alleyway, then the woman. She is in fact, DEAD.

Startled by a loud noise, he picks up a metal tube to defend himself. The noise turns out to be a fox.

He searches for the woman’s ID and finds it, but he still doesn't recognise her.

A street cleaner appears from nowhere and he sees Jack leaning over the body. Jack flees.



Theo and Emma are watching TV late at night. They are laughing and having a good time until Theo experiences a migraine. He leaves Emma in front of the TV and heads upstairs.

Whilst rinsing his face with cold water, he remembers an episode from his childhood when his father had one of his first migraine attacks. Through the eyes of a child, the experience was a terrifying thing to witness.

He decides to see a doctor.

Theo tells the doctor that his father suffered from schizophrenia and that his illness started with what resembled regular migraines. He is worried. The Doctor promises to run some tests.



Detective Brooks arrives at the crime scene. She is introduced to her young colleague Detective Collins. They get briefed on the crime scene and question the witness.



Jack is wandering the streets aimlessly. He finds a pair of car keys in his pocket and heads to the nearest car park. He finds the car and starts driving. Not knowing the area, he ends up driving past the crime scene, full of police.

One of the police officers sees him and reports to Detective Brooks. Detectives start a chase.

Jack drops his car nearby and disappears into the streets.

A few minutes later Brooks and Collins find the empty car. They missed him.



Theo hears back from the doctor who believes he is developing schizophrenia just as his father did. He refers him to a colleague in a private clinic.

Doctor Morgan in the private clinic offers him a promising experimental treatment.

Theo hesitates. He goes to visit his mother and they both reminisce about his father’s illness. He sees the impact it made on his mother and himself and decides to sign up for the treatment.

Not wanting to burden his girlfriend Emma, he breaks up with her without explanation.



Jack visits Emma who is angry with him. He doesn't know why and is too anxious to care.

He tells her about his vision, getting seen and the police chase. She gives him some clothes and money but asks him to leave as her boyfriend wouldn't like it if he decides to come back.



Detective Brooks gets a report on fingerprints from the murder weapon (the metal tube Jack picked up to defend himself from the fox) and the car. They match.

Detectives put together a facial composite from the witness and ask the newspapers to print it. Jack is now officially wanted.



Theo checks into the clinic. On his way in, he bumps into Dr Morgan who escorts him in.

He is shown to his ward, changes into a patient’s gown, and is given pills.

He is then taken to his first electric shock procedure which leaves him highly delusional. He hallucinates a dead patient in one of the corridors on his way back to the ward.



Detectives are brainstorming the case. Somebody reports an emergency call made two hours before the witness called.

They all listen to Jack's emergency call about the vision. This leaves detectives puzzled and adds a new angle to the investigation.



Jack checks into a nearby hotel. The hotel is tiny, empty, and the hotel owner doesn’t seem to be keen on having guests in.

Jack goes into his room, has a shower, changes, and meditates on the identity of the woman he found earlier.



Theo wakes up after his treatment, having overslept and forgotten the first half of the day. A nurse assures him that it is normal. Upon questioning her about the dead patient he saw, she replies that it was only a post-treatment delusion and there were no dead patients. There couldn’t have been any as the clinic is constructed in a way that keeps all patients separate from each other. Theo is given more pills and falls back asleep.



The next morning, Jack walks up to the hotel owner to borrow his phone. He looks up the name on the driving license that he took from the dead woman (Rebecca Morgan).



Theo wakes up. He is not sure if it's the same day or the next one. He peeps out of his room and sees the nurse flirting with the guard.

He sneaks out to the computer and Googles the name of his doctor - Rebecca Morgan. He continues searching. Rebecca Morgan was involved in illegal psychiatric experiments.

He notes the name of the author of the article (Kevin Healy.)

The nurse is approaching, and Theo heads back to his room.



Jack finds the same article on hotel owner's phone.

He finds the address of Kevin Healy in the database. He asks the hotel guy for a pen and paper to write it down.

He notices a fresh stack of newspapers on his desk. One of them has his facial composite on the cover.

Jack quickly scribbles the address on paper, returns the key and nearly runs out.

The hotel owner notices the facial composite and heading "Murder Suspect At Large". He starts after Jack, but he has vanished into the streets.



Theo is given pills before bedtime. He pretends to take them but spits them out.

He waits for the nurse to go away and carefully makes his way into the staff room. There is a sleeping guard with a bunch of keys. He sees the key to Dr Morgan's office. He craftily manages to nick the key from the guard, nearly waking him up.

Theo makes his way through the corridors to Dr Morgan's office. He gets in unnoticed.

He searches through the documents on her shelves and finds records of patients. They all state "mentally healthy, suitable for treatment". Some of them have a "deceased" stamp on them. Jack is terrified and confused.

He finds Kevin Healy, the man who wrote the article. He tears a bit off the page with his number, and hides it in his garments.

Heels are approaching. Dr Morgan catches him red-handed and instructs the nurses to sedate him. He is then taken for another shock treatment which is much more intense than the first one.

Just after he's put to bed in his room following the treatment, he picks up a little notepad by his bed and scribbles "find escaped patient". He falls asleep.



Detectives Brooks and Collins arrive at the hotel where hotel owner proudly tells them he just hosted a murderer. He shows them his phone's search history. Detectives get the address of Kevin Healy and head there.



Theo wakes up delusional. He checks the bedside table. The note is gone.

He gets up and finds a piece of paper from yesterday with Kevin's phone number. Bingo. They didn't search him last night.

He waits for the nurse to start flirting with the guard again, heads to the phone and dials the number.

Kevin picks up. He is hesitant at first but then gets excited and spills the whole story to Theo.

Dr Morgan does illegal experiments. She collects mentally healthy people and tells them they're going to go crazy if they aren’t treated by her. She then drugs them and electrocutes them. Kevin asks if Theo has seen the morgue. The morgue?

It's where unsuccessful experiments end up. It's where Kevin could have ended up if he hadn’t escaped. Morgan opens up people's brains there and continues to electrocute them and carries out further experiments.

Theo is terrified. Dr Morgan approaches with two male nurses. They grab Theo and forcibly take him to the treatment room.



Jack arrives at the shabby house and finds geeky looking Kevin in there. Kevin welcomes him into his house, full of anime figures and books on conspiracy theories. He tells Jack the same story about Dr Morgan and her experiments, and of how he escaped.

Jack seems worried, Kevin seems crazy.

Just as Jack is about to leave, Kevin says that it's nice to finally meet him in person. Jack doesn't understand.

Kevin said that they've already spoken on the phone before and that he's glad that Jack managed to escape.



Theo is now Jack. He wakes up in the middle of the night, very delusional and shaky. He's been drugged too. He somehow makes his way out of his room and wanders through very long corridors towards where he originally saw the dead patient. The ceiling is spinning but after a while, he finds double doors behind double doors.

It's a MORGUE. Bodies are lying there covered with white sheets. Kevin was right! One of the bodies looks like JACK’S FATHER.

Jack is tremendously disturbed.

He notices staff clothing hanging on the door. Picks it up and puts on. We recognise baggy and ill-fitting clothes we saw him wearing at the beginning. He somehow finds a flight of long stairs and ascends, escaping the clinic.

It's nearly morning.

He goes to the alleyway where he met Dr Morgan on his first day in the clinic. He picks up a heavy metal tube lying next to the bins, leans down against the brick wall and dozes off.


Out of blackness we hear heels approaching. It's Dr Morgan coming to work. She notices Jack and comes closer. Jack opens his eyes and instinctively hits her with a metal tube.



We hear police sirens outside Kevin's house. Detectives run out and arrest Jack. He is not resisting. He remembers everything. He is in fact schizophrenic and he did kill his doctor.





Emma visits a private psychiatric clinic where Jack is being held after the murder. She asks for him.

She eagerly tells him that the clinic was found to be operating illegally, that Dr Morgan was in fact evil and carrying out unethical medical experiments, and that Jack is not crazy but a victim.

When we see Jack, we realise that his eyes are now blank and it's too late. He’s gone.

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