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natasha kinaru film director screenwrite

I'm a London-based film director, screenwriter, producer and artist.

Painting and drawing has been a part of my life since early childhood. It was my way of exploring the world as well as my own imagination.

In my late teens I developed a passion for portraiture. I found great joy in capturing the charisma, character, and history of a person on paper and canvas.

My drive to continue experimentation with different visual media and the interplay of light, form and colour, and the stories written into the faces of the people I painted eventually drew me to filmmaking. 

Creating my first short film has opened up a whole new world to me and I am now working on bringing a series of visions to life through writing, directing, producing and collaborating with wonderfully talented actors and filmmakers.

My stories raise the questions of morality, philosophy, dig deep the secrets of human nature that we all would love to know the answers to. I try to create characters that would resonate with people, touch the strings of their souls that would otherwise be quiet, to challenge, inspire and leave a long standing impression.

I am now fully devoted to filmmaking and cannot wait to dive into new, more ambitious projects.

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